I Bet This Isn’t A Peruvian Aloe Vera…

One of the many unexplained plant’s I have is the fabled “Peruvian Aloe Vera”. A very dear friend gave me this plant years ago, it sat on her office desk for months in a teeny tiny glass jar. Home we went, and as the years passed it grew, and grew. I had to break the glass jar to re-pot the poor dear when it was much smaller and far less spiny.

This plant has lived and survived on my office desk for at least 5 years now, how it has managed to grow and thrive is beyond me…

The plant has a job, it protects the front of our home in the office by sheer terror. One look at those spines and who all passes the front door know’s I will throw the dear plant at them if they step out of line, or utter one foul word. My family is weary of this tall, spiny friend of mine.

So, here I pose this question to you…”what the hell is it?”

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  1. Hmmm… Well, it certainly is NOT an Aloe vera or any other Aloe for that matter. At least we have that out of the way. ๐Ÿ™‚ I will do some research. Very interesting!

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    1. Thank you very much. I have tried to research this cacti and have come up stumped to say the least. The “pads” are flat, the spines just wicked, and grows by leaps and bounds where it lives on my desk. Interesting indeed.

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  2. I had a hunch and I think I have the genus. I need a closer look at the upper leaves. Has it flowered? If a leaf or stem breaks, does it have white sap? ๐Ÿ™‚

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    1. No flowering, just growing taller by a new “stem” and I do believe the last time a pad broke off there was a small amount of whitish, yellow sap.

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    2. I also find curious is the pad that fell off {which you can see at the bottom of the pot} has two new leafy growth. They are growing right under the pad. Either this new growth is from the pad or the Tahitian Bridal Veil has sent a seed out, or spore, or? I have such funky things growing it’s a wonder I know anything at all…lol

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      1. LOL! The funkier the better. Makes like much more interesting. When we figure out the funky stuff we have really stepped up. ๐Ÿ™‚ We always save those for last because we have to work up to them.

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  3. OK, I have an idea of the genus but I posted the photos on a FB group to see what the experts have to say (then I will see how close I am). I am 99.9999% sure it is in the Euphorbiaceae family. If they don’t know I have other sources.

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  4. Well, apparently I was incorrect about it being in the Euphorbiaceae family. ๐Ÿ™‚ It is a cactus called Brasiliopuntia brasiliensis. Its common name is Brazilian Prickly Pear. Here is a link to information on Llifle. You can search the name online to see photos.


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    1. Thank you so much. Now we know what this plant is. I shared with my daughter on FB, she has seen this cactus from the get-go and we are definitely looking forward to, hopefully, the gorgeous yellow flowers it may one day bloom. Again, thank you so much for your time, and help solve the riddle.

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      1. Glad to help. Several members of the Facebook group called Succulent Infatuation commented with the positive ID. When I am stumped that is the group I go to for help.

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